Impact Central Illinois


We are a dynamic collective giving organization serving Central Illinois.


Impact Central Illinois cultivates the collective wisdom and strength of women to transform ourselves and our communities through philanthropy.

  1. We believe there is value in meeting and working together with purpose, honoring the many busy stages of women’s lives by providing a variety of ways for members to volunteer and get involved with ICI if desired. 

  2. We believe every woman brings valuable knowledge, insight and life experience to our organization and we seek to create an environment where each voice is welcomed, heard, and respected.

  3. We believe the spirit of collective giving thrives in a collaborative and democratic form of philanthropy where each of our members is given an opportunity to cast her own confidential vote for grant awards. One woman = one vote.

  4. Our GRCs are honored to review grants with humility and respect for the nonprofits as well as their fellow Impact members, knowing they are entrusted to bring forward the strongest organizations and proposals for the ICI membership vote.

  5. We believe that as we become educated of the needs our nonprofits and communities face, we grow as informed givers.


We are a 501(c)(3) women's collective giving organization serving Central Illinois. Together we can make a significant difference in our community and help women achieve their full philanthropic capacity. Our diverse membership includes women of all ages and perspectives, each of us is in a different spot on her philanthropic journey. Our goal is to empower women and make an extraordinary impact in our Central Illinois communities.


Impact Central Illinois combines annual donations from members and gives large grants each year to a local worthy causes selected by our members. The only membership requirements are to be female and to donate $1100 each year. By combining our resources to create a large gift, we can make a substantial impact in Central Illinois.

Collective Giving Model

By pooling our financial resources we can make a significant difference in our community.

Yearly Grants Awarded

Each year, we work together to determine worthy, non-profits to receive our grants.

Commitment to Making an IMPACT

We are committed to excellence in everything we do. The joy will be in discovering how good we can be together.