Impact Central Illinois

Beyond Giving

Impact Central Illinois members are philanthropists, continuously learning and growing. And through our Beyond Giving programs, we educate members on social issues and how to take steps through our grant process to be a part of the solution. We want our members to understand what it means to be an effective philanthropist, and that means learning about social issues like poverty, mental health, the benefit of the arts, and so many other concerns we have in our society. We want to look at the root causes of those issues and assist agencies that are working to address those concerns. And along the way, we wanna have fun through our volunteer efforts and spreading acts of kindness and goodwill to our fellow members and community. We are going to be purposeful and strategic in our collective giving for our own self-awareness and to make our community better because we truly do go beyond just giving.

What's Next?

Beyond Giving 2023-24 Events:

Thursday, September 28 from 12-1   

ART, Inc. 919

NE Jefferson St. Peoria. 

Wednesday, Oct. 18 from 12-1   

Peoria Rescue Ministries 

Meeting at their facility at Esther House: 6847 N. Allen Road, Peoria. 

Tuesday, March 5 from 7-8 pm    

Greater Peoria Family YMCA

7000 N. Fleming Dr., Peoria 

Tuesday, April 23 from 7-8 pm    

Safe Families for Children 

Meeting at: Bethany  Community Church

27265 Dutch Lane, Washington